What is Playback 2021?
We want to thank you for all the listening you do on Pandora, show you some insights into what you listened to over the past year, and make you a customized playlist we think you will love. So we created Playback to give you a peek into all that went down this year in your Pandora app. We took a look at what you listened to, what you thumbed up, and some things that you might not have listened to yet that we think you will love, using our extensive data science and the Music Genome Project to provide the best recommendations in the industry.

How do I find my Playback 2021 year in review?
There are lots of ways you can look back at all you’ve enjoyed in 2021:

Who is eligible for Playback 2021?
To be eligible for Playback 2021, you must have listened to at least three songs (with five spins/plays or more) or three stations, either adding up to one hour of listening on Pandora in 2021.

Why am I seeing an error when accessing my year in review?
First check the Playback 2021 eligibility requirements above. If you believe you are eligible and received an error, please contact user support.

Playback works best on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Please try visiting Playback from one of those browsers.

Does this include my listening from all of 2021? I’m not seeing my holiday listening reflected.
Playback 2021 year in review, What You Loved 2021, and More To Love 2021 include listening from January 1st - November 15, 2021.

How do I receive a What You Loved 2021 and/or More To Love 2021 playlist?
The What You Loved 2021 playlist is available to all listeners who meet minimal thumbing and on-demand listening requirements in order to create an interesting review of the year.

The More To Love 2021 playlist is offered to all Pandora listeners. Ad-Supported and Plus listeners can listen through Premium Access; by watching a short ad they can enter into a session of Pandora Premium and discover their personalized playlists.

How did you decide on my Top Songs, Top Artists and Top Albums?
Your selections are based purely on the songs and albums you’ve listened to on-demand in Pandora Premium, as well as re-plays in radio for Plus and Premium listeners. Radio listening is only reflected in your Top Stations.

Why didn’t I receive a Top Podcast?
Top Podcasts are given to those who have listened to multiple episodes of a Podcast program. Keep listening to more podcasts to find out your top podcasts next year!

How did you decide on what to put on my timeline? I’m confused as to why I don’t see my station which I listen to every day.
The timeline shows key moments in the year when you listened to Pandora more than usual, for example, extra listening to a new release from a favorite artist or after a concert you attended. If your listening is constant throughout the year, you'll probably have very few moments on your timeline. On the other hand, if your listening time varies throughout the year, you’ll see more.

What do Acoustic, Electric, and Synthetic mean?
Our expert Music Analysts, among many other things, score each song with a combination of Sonorities for the Music Genome Project. Acoustic sonorities include acoustic guitars, strings and wind instruments, backup vocals, percussion, and other naturally acoustic sounds. Electric sonorities include electric guitars, bass guitar, organs and electric keyboards. Synthetic sonorities include synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments. Many songs include all three sonorities, so your score will probably include a combination of Acoustic, Electric, and Synthetic.

How do I share my stats?
You can share your faves and stats by clicking on the Twitter or Facebook icons. To share your recap, on iOS, just tap and hold on the shareable image to save it to your device. For Android and web, click the "Download" button to save the image. Share your stats on your favorite social channels! You can also screenshot any of the pages if you want to share more. Connect with more Pandora listeners with the hashtag #2021Playback.

I love my What You Loved 2021 playlist! How do I share it?
To share any personalized playlist, you must make your profile public. To make your profile public, on the mobile app, under Settings, click Privacy / Listening Activity / Pandora Profile, then push the slider to allow for Public Sharing. On Pandora for web, click on your profile icon on the top left corner of your Pandora screen, under Settings > Profile Privacy, click Public. Once your profile is public, refresh your Playback 2021. You should now see the share arrow on the Your 2021 Playlists section. Enjoy sharing one good thing from 2021!

I opened my account after January 1st, 2021. Will I still be able to see my Playback 2021 stats?
Yes! As long as you did some listening you will get to see them.